How to Be a Champion Even During Your Period?

If you are a woman who is into sports, you can still be active during your period. Skipping your workouts during your period is a myth. In fact, following an exercise routine while you are on your period, helps you relieve period cramps and pains.

There is no one workout routine that goes for every woman as each one of us has a different body type, weight, water intake, and nutrition. In this guide, we are going to bring some stories of women athletes to know how they manage their sports routine while being on periods. We will also share some tips with you to help you be active during your shark week.

How Famous Athletes Handle Their Periods?

Many women have questions regarding sports sessions during periods. Let’s take an example of swimming, many women believe that their tampon will appear through the swimsuit or the blood will come out into the pool. In this article, we will walk you through complete information regarding period management.

Let’s start with an example of a famous swimmer Katie Meili, who is an Olympic medalist in Rio. She shared her experience with the teenVogue magazine that all the swimmers help each other during their shark weeks. Doing swimming sessions is common for all the athletes and sometimes, if their tampon string is showing, other swimmers immediately point out and help to handle the situation. She also uses heating pads to relieve period pains and cramps. Moreover, during the competitions, many athletes change their period date by taking a pill so that they do not have to struggle during the competition.

Now coming to our next example that Amber Beaver, who is a pro bikini athlete. In her interview with Women’s Health Magazine, she shares her experience of shark weeks. She told them how difficult it is to hide the tampon strings as the competition bikini is too thin and tiny. She added that whether you are an athlete or not, having periods is a part of life so why let it be a hurdle? First time when she got her period on the day of the WNBF pro show, she was prepared beforehand and handle the competition with confidence. She ended up winning the show!

Another example we would like to add is of a professional dancer, Paige Fraser. In her interview with the Women’s Health Magazine, she shared that people assume she has light and easy periods but that is not true. She also added that she struggles with the pain and cramps while being on periods and can’t skip her dancing sessions. She said she keeps herself prepared before her dates and uses heating pads to relieve pains during her shark weeks. She also said that ginger tea and hot showers help her manage period pains as well.

Some Tips for your Shark Week

Having periods can be a real struggle for most of the women that it becomes difficult to cope with. The bleeding and pains depends can vary from woman to woman. However, you can follow these tips to be prepared for before your shark week starts.

1) Keep Track of your Dates:

Many women do not take this step seriously. It is crucial to keep a track of your dates in order to be prepared before your periods. There are several tracker apps that you can use. These apps will remind you before your period starts. You can also shift your workout or sports sessions according to your shark week dates. It is always better to be smart rather struggling with pain later.

2) Get the Required products ready:

Do not rely at the last moment and make sure to get necessary things if you are out of tampons or a heating pad. It is important to be prepared beforehand to avoid any last-minute paranoia. Also, when your shark week is around, make sure you keep a tampon or pad in your purse all the time.

3) Healthy Diet:

It is common to have cravings for chocolates or spicy foods when you are having PMS or period. But you should know that a healthy diet will help you during your periods. The right amounts of proteins, carbs, and vitamins will not only reduce your pains but also balance your mood. Moreover, make sure to keep track of your water intake. Being an athlete woman, it is important to have a balanced and healthy diet as it can make a big difference!

4) Share:

Another important thing to remember is that when your lady friend is on here period, you can make her feel better by listening to her or giving her a hug. Similarly, when you are having those days, you can rant or share your feelings with your fellow women. All we can do is support our fellow woman to make this time easy for her!

5) Self Love:

Last but not least, we all are beautiful the way we are! Start treating your body with love. Once you find that connection with your body, you will be able to know what it needs. Periods are a part of life therefore, you need to make the right adjustments to your routine. If it is difficult for you work out during your periods, then you can simple go for a walk. Having body movements will help you relieve pain. Also, you are a better judge of your body. If at any time during your exercise, you are getting a feeling that your pain is increasing, stop right there! Try to have that connection to yourself by listening to your body. It will change your life for good!


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