How to Choose the Home-Use Electric Nail File Dril

Recent times have taught us that we can do everything without slipping out our feet from the comforts of our home. Parlors and salons have left no exception in making our home-styling DIYs easier. While a party makeup comes occasionally, manicures are what we need in a regular pattern. An essential part of your manicures is a good quality nail filler. However, what if we tell you that the new nail filer drills are available for an easy DIY manicure at home?  

These are electronic drills that can smooth and shape your hand and toenails. They work best of acrylic manicures but certainly have a lot more benefits. Here are some benefits of using a nail file drill: 

  1. Efficient Performance

Time is all we have, and time is all that the nail file drill saves. As it is the best method to refill your acrylic nails, it can spare you so much time. They come with different, adjustable bits for adjusting precision and speed. 

  1. Convenience

Nail filling is a tiring process in the salon when a good number of customers are in line. Your shoulders, arms, wrist and hands get tired as there are different styles of fillings to be done and nail shapes to make. New nail filing drills are quite and handy to operate. They are portable with different bits for every nail job ever. This will save you hours of struggle by doing everything for you itself. 

  1. Comfortable and quick

Removing nail paint can take up to 30 minutes which is now easier by using a nail filing drill. You can remove nail pant of any type; glue paint, textured or matte, using a nail filing drill. It is the smartest way to work as it takes care of all your nail styling needs. 

  1. All-in-one

As these fil drills have different bits to choose from including ceramic and tungsten, they can replace many of your nail styling tools. It can replace your dead skin removing scissors, rub, ordinary filler, etc. Therefore, this will increase performance, customer flow, while saving you a lot of time. 

These were a few benefits of using an electric nail filler drill. If you are planning to buy one of your own, here are some important factors when selecting a nail file drill: 

Low Vibration Output 

The first one is to look for low vibrating output because the lesser vibration better the performance. A filer with unnecessary vibration will cause you trouble with the grip and can damage the nails. Higher vibration also increased machine sound, which can be disturbing at professional as well as for personal use.  

Look for an Easy Grip 

When you work for long hours, getting sweaty hands can be a big issue. This can be because vibration causes heating up of the equipment. This can affect your grip and eventually, you nail styling. Therefore, electric nail filers now come with rubber grips or curved body machines.

Cord-free or wired 

A corded nail filer will be needing a constant electric supply for its operation. If you are looking to buy for personal use, you can consider buying a corded filer. However, a coded filer for professional salon use is not recommended. There are many customers to cater to every day for nail appointments and

with a constant need of power supply, you may feel helpless in times of power cut-off. 

Budget range 

The nail market is with tons of choices for buying a nail filer drill; however, keeping a budget is the best way of purchasing one. When a budget range is selected, it narrows down to only the best options available. 

Here we have selected the top 5 best Electric Nail File Drill keeping in mind your needs and budget. 

  1. AEVO Electric Nail File Drill

Available for $27.99 only!

 AEVO Electric Nail File Drill

First one is a professional nail filler with 11 changeable bits and 36 sanding bands used for nail polishing, cutting, carving, and cuticle removal. It has a USB power system that is compatible with every USB outlet, including power bank, laptop and even a car charger. AEVO Electric Nail File Drill has an adjustable speed and direction for every nail work. The adjustable direction is suitable for both, left and right-handed users.

This equipment has an aluminum body which provides heat dissipation. Moreover, it comes with a shock-absorbing bearing which minimizes the noise and vibration to null.

  1. Beurer Electric Nail Filer Set

Available for $43.57 only!

Second, on the list is Beurer's Nail filer. It has 7 different high-quality attachment made of sapphire that comes in a pouch. It makes these attachments easier to carry wherever you go.  It has a clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation for better flexibility and wider range. Along with the rations, it has the adjustable speed for all your needs.  This filler has an integrated LED light can be switched on while in use so you can achieve the best precise results.

  1. MelodySusie Professional Nail Drill

Available for $60.99 only!

Next is our high-speed MelodySusie professional nail drill. It has low vibration, lower noise and adjustable speed control. It is suitable for all acrylic and gel nails. This drill can perform shaping, removing gel, cutting and carving every type of nail style.

It is light-weight and has a low-heat headpiece which is aluminum coated to prevent over-heating and eventually, sweaty hands for better grip. It has a unique, professional design with all the pieces attached to smallholders.

  1. Hizek Professional Nail Drill

Available for $65.99 only!

Hizek professional drill comes with 6pcs changeable heads for all nail styling purposes. It is wireless with a battery of 2000mAh, which when fully charged can last up to 8-10 hours. The drill has a compact size and fits in your pocket and bags easily. It has low vibration and is made for high-temperature resistance so you can work for long hours without interruption.

  1. AIRSEE Rechargeable Electric Nail Filler

Available for $70.99 only!

Lastly, we have the $AIRSEE Rechargeable Electric Nail Filler. It has 6pcs changeable heads to work for shaping, carving, acrylic nails, gel nails, and smoothing your nails. It has a battery which when charged for two hours, can last for the next 10 hours. The battery is displayed on an LCD screen on the filler, so you know when to charge next. This gives you precision and convenience to use anytime you want.


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