How to Relieve Cramps Period Pain?

We understand that menstrual cramps can be uncomfortable and painful. However, they happen for a reason and can be treated. When we are on our period, our uterus tends to cramp up or squeeze to make period blood flow out of our vagina. These cramps can be worse during the first few days of your periods when the flow is heavy. No matter how painful these cramps get, there are many ways to treat them. Here are 6 tips about how to relieve cramps period pain: 

  • Hydrate – Drink More Water:

Drinking more water can eliminate water retention from your body, which will ultimately reduce your mensural pain. Moreover, avoid alcohol as it can cause dehydration and stomach bloating. Most women experience vomiting or diarrhea during their periods. It is a sign that your body needs lots of fluids.

  • Chamomile Tea

Sipping on chamomile tea can help you lessen your menstrual cramps. It has anti-inflammation properties and prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are made by cells in the endometrium of the uterus responsible for nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

  • Cut on caffeine

Just like alcohol, caffeine in your coffee, tea, and soda has the same dehydrating properties. As an alternative, try smoothies filled with greens, berries, and anti-oxidants. It is a better way to have a nutrient pack diet that also soothes the pain.

  • Medication

As mentioned before, menstrual cramps occur because of uterus contractions. Medicines like ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen sodium are proven to ease the pain. However, before taking any medications, it would be best to consult a doctor or a health expert as these medications can cause ulcers or make bleeding worse.

  • Exercise

Exercising and keeping yourself moving is a solution to ease the pains. Being active releases endorphins, a brain chemical that promotes well-being. It is recommended that you go for a walk, run, or swimming during your periods. Yoga and tai chi are other gentle forms of exercise that help reduce pain.

  • Heat – the ultimate remedy

Applying heat to your back and lower abdomen are the most effective ad proven ways to eliminate cramps. It is the best and most recommended solution to period pains. Applying heat through a heating pad or a hot water bottle were complex ways to reach for heat.

Today we have a more updated approach to soothe your menstrual cramps. Here we have listed 5 products about TENS for period pain:

1. TechCare TENS Massager EMS Unit

Available for $27.95 only!


First on your list is TechCare’s massager, which provides a drug-free method to relieve period pains. It delivers low-voltage pulses in your skin and activates endorphins – a natural pain reliever. Moreover, it comes with nine different massage modes: tapping, acupuncture, deep tissue, foot, cupping, combo, etc. It has an adjustable timer between 20 to 60 minutes.

The package includes 1 controller, 4 large pads, 4 electrodes cable, user’s manual, USB and wall charger, and so much more.

2. Amicre Menstrual Heating pad Electric Heating Cordless Heating Waist Belt

Available for $32.98 only!


This pain reliever has graphene heating; therefore, it is safe, healthy, and effective to use. It comes with three heating modes and three vibration modes. It starts heating within 3 seconds and provides high-frequency massage vibrations. Moreover, it has an internal battery that can be charged to capacity in 5 hours.

3. DOMAS TENS Unit EMS Muscle Stimulator

Available for $32.98 only!


This TENS pain reliever sends an electrical current to the pads via the leads. It helps ease body pains like backaches, knee pain, shoulder pain, etc. It is proven to stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, and enhance sleep quality. It comes with 24-pre programmed massage modes, which gives a variety of massage styles to choose from. It has six pcs of reusable pads that have replaceable self-adhesive conductive gel. This portable mini massager is compact, which makes it very easy to carry around. It also has 20 intensity levels for you to choose the best for relieving your pain.

4. TechCare TENS Unit Plus 24 Rechargeable Electronic Pulse Massager

Available for $35.95 only!


Next, this TENS massager is known to relieve the pain of sore muscles in your shoulders, waist, back, upper extremities, etc. It has six primary massage modes, which further have four different options for each method. The modes include tapping, acupuncture, deep tissue, foot, cupping, combo, etc. It is adjustable for 10 to 60 minutes timer by using the “T” button and “M” to go to other modes. It has a lithium battery that can last up to 20 hours. It has a large LED screen for an easy user-interface, which makes it easier to be used by elder.

5. iReliev Pain Relief System Dual Channel Tens Massager

Available for $47.45 only!


Last, we have iReliev’s TENS massager. It has a dual capability of up to 4 electrodes for broad pain coverage or different body parts. You can control each of these channels manually. It has 8 pre-programmed therapy modes, and each one is uniquely designed to treat your pain. You can customize your therapy with these modes and treat both – acute and chronic pains. Moreover, it comes with a digtal LED display that shows the status and mode of your therapy. The display shows the intensity, mode, lock feature, battery voltage, and timer.

The part is, the battery can last up to 150 hours on average. It has 25 power levels which are indicated by each respective channel in the LCD screen.


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