What You Need to Know When Buying a Massage Gun

A massage gun is a popular device used by many people especially athletes, gym trainers, instructors, and fitness freaks who know how important it is for muscle recovery. Fitness is not only about staying fit with different workout routines, in fact, it also involves a good diet and muscle recovery. Therefore, using a massage gun can be incorporated into your fitness routine for effective results. This high-tech tool helps you relieve muscle soreness, body stiffness, fatigue, and pain. It is also a great way to enhance your blood circulation and loosen up the tight knots. A high-quality massage gun is worth investing in. In this article, we are going to discuss some important factors to consider before buying a massage gun. We have also reviewed and selected top 3 massage guns for you. So let’s get started:

Factors to Consider before Choosing the Massage Gun

The Device’s Power:

While you are choosing a massage gun for yourself, consider checking its power that includes two things: the speed of the massage gun and its amplitude.

Considering the massage gun’s speed is a personal factor for many people. Some like it soft and gentle while others go for a faster speed. Therefore, it is important to choose a massage gun device with a range of different speeds. Having at least 2-5 speed levels allow you to have a comfortable massage.

Another thing is its amplitude, which means how deep the massage head will go. You will find a number of devices with different amplitude levels in the market. Choose the one that is more comfortable to use. For example, if you have high pain tolerance, you would require a more intense massage and therefore, you can choose the device with high amplitude.


Another important factor to consider is the design of the massage gun. You will find different designs in the market, some are lightweight while others feel heavy. It is recommended to go with an ergonomic design so that if you are using the massage gun for hours, it will be easy to handle especially if you are using the device on yourself. In addition to that, consider choosing the device with different rotation angles as that will allow you to reach places that are otherwise difficult to target.

Battery Life:

Now coming to another important factor that is the battery life of the massage gun, it should not go unnoticed. The average battery life of a good functioning massage gun must be around 3 hours. But in this review, we have gathered the top 3 massages guns with a battery life of more than 6 hours with a single full-charge. You might consider carrying your massage gun while traveling, therefore, good battery life is a must!


Another factor to choose a massage gun wisely is to look for its warranty. You heard it right! This is one of the most important factors that many people ignore to consider. Moreover, check for reviews online or ask friends if they have used the device. Make sure to purchase a message gun from a trusted company that is also offering a warranty.

Top 3 Massage Guns for Muscle Recovery and Fitness

Here is the list of the best 3 massage guns that our experts have gathered after testing them:

1) AEVO Muscle Recovery & Massage Gun

Available at $139.99 only 

AEVO Muscle Recovery & Massage Gun

One of our top selections is this high-tech AEVO Muscle Recovery Massage Gun. It provides you full-body relaxation by targeting sore muscles with precision and relieves body pains and soreness. You can see effective results after just one use. Another feature that makes this tool incredible is its battery life. It can smoothly run for 6 hours with just a single charge. If you travel a lot or take a massage gun anywhere you go, then this is the best option for you. AEVO Muscle Recovery Massage Gun comes with 6-speed levels that cover multiple areas on your body and releases muscle tension. This wireless device is easy to carry and use because of its good grip and sweat-resistant handle. Last but not least, it has an ergonomic design that won’t stress your hand while you are using it.

2) FYLINA Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Gun

Available at $121.99 only

If you are looking for a high-quality and advanced massage gun, consider purchasing FYLINA Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Gun. The best thing about this device is that it can go for 8-10 hours on just a single charge, which is hard to find in other usual massage guns. FYLINA has brought 20 adjustable speed levels for you to get a deep tissue massage while staying in your comfort zone. It is perfectly designed to target every muscle and release tension, soreness, and stiffness. Moreover, you can use this device anywhere and anytime you want. It features quiet and low noise operation, making it easy for you to get a deep tissue massage at home, office, friend’s place, or even gym. Last but not least, this super-advanced device comes with 6 different massage heads that can be used for different areas on your body. Also, the exquisite PU travel case makes it easy for you to carry this massage gun anywhere you want.

3) WODFitters Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

Available at $149.97 only

Another top quality massage gun that has made it to our list is WODFitters Handheld Percussion Massage Gun. It is built specifically to help you relieve soreness and stiffness from your muscles. You can use it after your workout, running, skipping, hiking, or even swimming. This high-tech device offers 4-speed settings and 4 massage heads, allowing you to have deep tissue massage. It is perfect to boost mobility and enhance blood circulation while relieving pain. If you have a regular workout routine, you must have this massage gun. It will not only recover your muscles but also help you to have even better workouts than before. The WODFitters massage gun is easy to hold and carry anywhere you want because of its ergonomic design. You can use it for hours without stressing your hand.

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