Privacy Policy

WAYMEET LIMITED. (hereinafter referred to as “AEVO” or “We”) promises that your privacy is under protection as you’re visiting our website (that is, hereinafter referred to as “Website”). Our website is to provide you the related information, resources and services. For this end, the website will collect some information of the users. We understand the importance of personal privacy, therefore the information category and purpose will be stated at the moment of collection. This privacy policy sets out the treatment of any related personal data we collected or provided by you. This privacy policy is applicable to any data collected through this “Website”, e-mail, text and the electronic information between you and this website. Please read the following questions and answers carefully, so as to understand the privacy and safety regulations for collected information. When you browse this website, it means you have agreed on this privacy policy.

1. What kinds of personal information will be collected?

We may collect two kinds of personal information when you’re browsing this website, naming the personal and non-personal information (or collective information). “Personal information” is the data provided voluntarily for identifying you and / or your company in browsing this website. The personal information include the related information submitted for the purpose of use of our services, including your name, e-mail address, phone number, company, actual address and/ or other personal information.

We may require your personal information when you’re demanding information, taking part in our promotion activities, or reporting problem to this website. The information we collect on or through website also include your contact record with website, the copy of your correspondence letter, questionnaire filled in by you for purpose of research, details of transactions conducted by you on website and the details of performing order. We’re now in cooperation with other third parties (including business partner, technical support, payment service, and transport service contractor, advertising network, analysis service supplier, and search service supplier), and may receive some personal information related to you from the cooperated third party.

AEVO may collect non-personal information (or aggregate data) when you’re visiting this website. The aggregate data is the general data related to visitors and users for use of this website (e.g. traffic model, times for browsing specific page, access to this website through other websites or links of the third party website, use and the interests of specific service, information or features related to this website or other parties acquired or found on this website). In addition, we may collect some kinds of technical data automatically every time you visit our website, which include your IP address, browser type and version, time zone settings, language setting, browser plug-in type and version, operating system and platform.

2. How to use my information?

AEVO will keep confidential all personal information collected from this website. Unless you are willing to provide your personal information required by this policy, or publicly required by web form on this website or other places, we will not sell, lease or share your information without your permission.

The personal information provided by you is used to answer your request, allow you to take part in our promotion and questionnaire, subscribe our e-mail or add to mailing list, or to provide you data and services. Under some circumstances, we may use such information to inform you of the coming special offers or the products and services offered by our subsidiary bodies or business partners.

The aggregate data on your browsing of this website is used for improving and developing new functions and services of this website. For the marketing purpose, we will monitor the use of aggregate data so as to research, improve and promote the application of this website. For this end, AEVO may share the aggregate data with the third party anonymously. Any identity information on website users or information indicating the specific identity or contact is excluded while disclosing the aggregate data.

Where required or permitted by law, the use of any related information (personal and non-personal) on this website may be submitted to government agency or the third party as required by law, court summons or other law procedures. We may also use or disclose your information for the purpose of debt collection, fraud combating or protection of the interests or assets of AEVO, our customers, website, website users or the third party.

3. How to change personal information or preference?

We respect your right to manage the usage of personal information. If you agree on our usage of your personal information, but later refuse to be included in mailing list, or do not want us to contact you in other forms or use your personal information in the way prescribed in Privacy Policy or on website, you can just inform us by sending mail to

If you choose to receive message from AEVO and require changing your mailbox address, e-mail address and other personal information, you should quit the subscription, and register or submit your personal information again.

4. How to use Cookie and Web Beacon?

To better perform the functions of website, we may use Cookie or Web Beacon on this website, e-mail or e-mail advertising, or advertising on other websites. In addition, Cookies can also speed up website navigation and record information, so that you need not enter the website every time, providing you customized content and allowing us to know about the history of your browsing. Cookies is an Internet tool composed of small text files containing unique identification code, which allows network server to send a small amount of information or text via your browser and save them in your PC hard disk. Such text enables the website server to identify whether you have visited the website before. Cookies itself cannot be used to identify the identity of any user.

Web Beacon, also known as web bug, pixel tags or transparent GIF, helps us evaluate the effect of network advertising and / or mail advertising through recording the numbers of visits or the numbers of opening e-mail or taking action in accordance with e-mail message. We may allow the third party to use our Web Beacon to generalize information or aggregate data, so as to help them carry out online marketing effectively, and enable us and our advertisers to put into advertising more precisely. This means that users can see more interesting advertising, and the advertisers can send message to people who are more likely to be interested in, promoting the user experience and advertising benefits.

Cookie and Web Beacon are mainly used to collect and save aggregate data (e.g. visitor number), and help us get to know about the most popular parts, improve and update our website and the website advertising. You will also provide information not related to your identity (such as the type of your destination) while browsing this website. Such kind of aggregate data will be used in compliance with this Privacy Policy only. We may identify personal identity with some information collected by Web Beacon, which may be integrated with other personal information of you for the purpose of customizing marketing strategy, providing more suitable website content, or for other purposes like internal research. The aggregate data will not be linked to any name, mailbox address, email address or other personal identification information, and the non- related third party is also not allowed to acquire any information collected by Web Beacon.

You may occasionally receive Cookies of advertising on this website or Cookies from links of irrelevant company or organization on this website. Such Cookies of the third party may collect your personal information. It is the practice of Internet industry. In view of the operation mode of Internet, it is difficult for us to control the third party from collecting such information. The third party advertiser or the linked site is subject to its respective privacy policy rather than this policy. If you wish to get to know such act specifically and reject the choice set under the Cookie of such company, please disable the settings of your browser on Cookies.

5. How do we protect the personal information collected from this website?

Unless otherwise expressly stated, we do not guarantee the security of email communication with this site. The use of email has risk of its own. Please be aware of this point when requesting information via email or sending information or sheet to us.

We have taken reasonable preventive measures to prevent the database collected through online activities on this site from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, change or damage. However, AEVO does not guarantee or express that the security level reaches or exceeds any specific standard. You have to keep in mind that there is no absolute security or zero error for Internet transmission or storage database.

6. What if the policy is changed?

AEVO has the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, but the change notice and modified privacy policy will be published on this site within revision date. If you continue to use this site, it means you have agreed on this Privacy Policy and its modification. We request you to read this Privacy Policy regularly to timely get to know about how we protect your personal information.

7. How to raise questions or doubts?

If you have any question about our policy or information application, please send email to You can also write to us at: 1201 Orange Street, Suite 600, Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware 19801.